How much does a shed cost to build

How much does a shed cost to build?

We often get asked the question, how much does it cost to build a shed?

Well the answer is different for every shed as no two projects are ever the same. With differences in location, dimensions and design among other things affecting the price, the biggest factor is shed size.

So, to calculate the cost of building a shed, we need to look at things from an overall project cost perspective. Meaning the cost of the materials, equipment, labour as well as any preliminary costs required to complete the project. Knowing these things, we can get a pretty good estimate of shed project's cost.

Sounds complicated right?

Well the majority of sheds these days are designed using computer software and sold as kits purchased from shed suppliers. These shed kits are engineered using lightweight cold rolled steel sections as the framing members with steel sheet cladding on the exterior.

So, knowing this we can use a simple rule of thumb to give customers a quick way of estimating the cost of a shed project.

In most cases, twice the shed kit purchase price will be enough to complete the total project with some money left over. How does this work? Well basically, if you buy a shed for $10,000, budget another $10,000 to complete the rest of the project.

Now this is just a quick way of estimating a shed project cost  and we are using a few assumptions.  Such as hiring concreter for the slab and a professional shed erector to construct the shed.

Budgeting to build a shed

Now if you are considering building a shed there’s two ways you can go about it.

  1. Knowing your budget beforehand. Say you have $15,000 for your shed project. You allow around $7,500-$8,000 for the kit and the other $7,000-$7,500 will cover everything else.
  2. Option two is when you are ‘set’ on the shed you want. You then obtain some shed supply quotes to get an idea of the kit price for the shed you require.  The shed kit price is then doubled to determine how much money is required to complete the project. Once you know this figure you can then work out if you need to save or borrow more money.

There’s nothing worse than purchasing a shed and having it sit around not being able to afford to have it erected.

Now before we apply this rule of thumb in a couple of examples to show you how this works, we will quickly discuss how materials, equipment, labour and preliminaries cost’s change with a change of shed size. This will also give you an idea of rates that certain contractors may charge should you wish to manage your own project.

Shed cost preliminaries

The preliminaries can include things such as

  • planning approval (if required)
  • building approval
  • earthworks

Planning approval- also known as development approval, may be required depending on your properties zoning or if your intended shed isn’t compliant with any of the residential design codes (the R codes) such as setbacks. The fees are $147 for projects less than $50,000 in value. Engaging the services of someone to help with the planning application will add additional costs.

Building approval- any shed greater than 10m2 or 2.4m in height will generally require building approval. Building applications can be lodged either certified or uncertified. To Lodge an uncertified building application, you are looking at $105 or 0.32% of the estimated value of building work, whichever is greater. Along with the building services levy, another $61.65 or 0.137% of the estimated building work, whichever is greater.

Any shed project greater than $20,000 in value also requires the services of a registered builder.  As well as paying the CTF levy of 0.2% of the project value.

Materials required

The shed kit

Sheds vary in price depending on a number of factors with the main ones being

  • the wind region of the site
  • the importance level or the sheds intended purpose
  • the shed size
  • the quality of the shed

As sheds get larger in size the cost per m2 to purchase the kit gets less. This is largely due to one off cost’s which don’t increase as the shed gets larger such as delivery costs, consolidation costs, costs for steel cutting and bending etc. Also the fact more of the shed inside becomes open space.

The concrete slab and/or footings

Concreters lump their materials and labour rates together, quoted as a supply and lay price. Much like the shed kit, the concrete slab supply and lay rates get cheaper as the m2 of the floor area becomes larger. For example, a small 6x6 double garage with a floor area of 36m2 would be around  $60 per m2 while a 20x10 shed slab will be somewhere around $45 per m2. The additional cost of hiring a concrete pump truck must also be factored in for difficult to access areas.

Equipment needed to build a shed

On larger sheds, equipment hire is required to assist in the construction process. A crane is required for lifting portal frames into place and access equipment is needed to work safely at heights.  These costs are either quoted separately or including in a combined quote from the shed erector. Like the shed kit and concrete costs, the costs for equipment hire comes down the larger the project.

Shed labour costs/ shed erection costs

The cost to erect a steel shed kit is commonly worked out as a percentage of the shed kit purchase price.

For smaller sheds such as single and double garages, the cost to build a shed is usually somewhere between 25-33% of the shed purchase price.

As sheds get larger and more complex, the price to erect gets higher towards the range of 40-50% of the shed purchase price.  This added cost is required to cover the cost of crane hire and access equipment.

Other factors can also come into play which may affect the cost of installation. On some job, a remote location or difficult access conditions can affect the erection price..

Examples of the rule

Example 1.

You plan on building a 6 x 6 x 2.4m double garage and lodging the building application yourself. The shed will be setback 1m from the side boundary and no planning approval is required. Basic earthworks are needed to remove the grass and place a sand pad.

Example 2.

You plan on building a 6x9x2.5m triple garage and lodging the building application yourself. The shed will have a wall height of 2.5m so planning approval will be required. Basic earthworks are needed to remove the grass and place a sand pad.

If you notice the total cost of each shed project is under but close to twice the shed kit purchase price.

Also, as you can see from the far-right column, a shed project’s cost per m2 decreases as a shed gets larger.

If you require an accurate shed build quote for a project you have in Perth or Mandurah, you can contact us through our online quote page